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5 Tips for Seamless Business Software Project Planning & Implementation

Purchasing and implementing business software is never an easy undertaking. Since we do not use third party contractors our team can make this transition seamless. Software changes can be a daunting task. The SVP, Jacinto Arauz can tell you, "Replacing your ERP software is like tearing out the human cardiovascular system and then replacing it, and you only want to do that once, if ever."


Chief Information Officers hire partners like HAND Enterprise Solutions because we have over 20 years of proven enterprise resource software implementation efficiency in several lines of business. Your blockchain business can be completely transformed to operate based off real-time data. Your company can be more efficient in all lines of business from manufacturing to financial and human capital in your offices.



Take a look at these five tips to help you save time and money when researching the perfect business software solution. 

  1. Research

Does your leadership team know how critical it is to evaluate that you take the time to evaluate your entire operating system? Then you speak with us about the programming you need to be more efficient. We consider all aspect of your business to ensure we build you a robust system regardless of the base ERP technology you may have such as  Microsoft Dynamics, SAP or Oracle products. 

  1. Integrate Everything

Your company can have the ability to see all the different parts of your business in one place. You cannot leave your accounting or scheduling program out on a ledge because you think that it works well as it is. You must bring all the parts of your business under the same umbrella. That is why we play such a large roll in your digital transformation. 

  1. Add Mobile Devices

Your business software or blockchain implementation must-have mobile devices included. You can use SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and Oracle to program for your mobile devices which can link all staff with the same software makes everything easier on leadership. A manufacturing company can have managers on the floor with mobile devices that run the same software they use in their office, and you can have technicians on the road who can check everything from a mobile phone. 

  1. Check For Customer Service

We offer the best possible customer service in the industry because we understand that you need help with your programming from time to time. You might have huge concerns about how your program may function, or you could run into something that needs troubleshooting. We are available 24-7 to step in and help you. We always communicate what your next steps should be before taking action. Our team is tremendous, and there is always someone available to help you. 

  1. Get Input

We believe that having input from our resource personnel of 8000+ which can help you make better choices for your company. We apply as many resources as needed on the enterprise resource planning implementation to meet your timelines. We are happy to bring in more people to give you second and third opinions, and we also believe that we can all collaborate to make the best decisions for your company going forward.


In today's fast-paced society, full of smart cities and millennials who want to get things done with the click of a button. Businesses need to have updated software to meet the demand and be profitable. Your company will receive the best personnel we have to help you so that we yield quality at a much more affordable price than most of our competitors.

At HAND we are willing to give you some special discounts on the products that you need. We understand that business growth takes time and we intend to be your true partner. Don't let budget concerns hold you back. We work very hard to build a package for your company that will help you save money. We can offer bulk discounts if you have set up software needs for more than one business or multiple offices in the United States or China.

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