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How Can The IOT Technology Build Smarter Factories

A Brief History Of Manufacturing

 Much of manufacturing was once done by hand and considered to be production work, much of it was done by the labor of an individual by hand. Unfortunately, over time this created a demand for low-cost labor. Production was good, but the history of manufacturing left plenty of room for improvement. What was once, manufactured by hand soon, began being manufactured by machines. Of course, machines produced large inventory, but it started to create less need for a steady hand. Although, machine factory operators were still widely used at that time. Today, technology will take manufacturing factories through yet again, more industry changes.


How Can Technology Improve Manufacturing

Manufacturing now requires a knowledge of math, engineering, and technology. What once required manpower is done by a robot. In fact, many robots are being programmed to perform complex tasks. This will help manufacturing factories retain their global competitiveness. Technology has boosted the productivity of many manufacturing plants. That's good news for workers with experience in industrial IOT technology. Skilled laborers have been replaced with the knowledge of being able to use and operate technology. Smart manufacturing creates jobs, increase inventory productivity, and generates excellent revenue.

How Technology Continues To Lend To Smart Manufacturing

 Technology in manufacturing helps combat globalization and free trade in manufacturing. With manufacturing being reported at an all-time high, big data will continue to dominate the manufacturing industry. If school's can change the way we educate our students, there will be an increase in job opportunities. The industrial IOT software has played a vital role in the advancement of manufacturing technology. Surprisingly, what once seemed like it would cripple the manufacturing industry has created big data and inventory for many business consumers around the world. Technology has continued to have an impact on the manufacturing industry for the past 20 years.

Smart Factory


Top 3 Manufacturing Technology Models Used Today

 1. Artificial Intelligence Tools

AI tools are new to the industry and are being used to improve customer service and reduce manufacturing delays. Subsequently, artificial intelligence tools will help manufacturing see a 20 percent increase in production. Products are given superior customization to improve manufacturing. Technology is reshaping the way big corporations are thinking about doing business with many plants around the globe. Enterprise resource planning is the way corporate professionals are negotiating the use of technology in manufacturing. Through the internet of things, AI technology continues to stand out. 

2. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is becoming commonplace in manufacturing technology. As productivity becomes critical, being able to deliver authentic and quality products is essential to the projected outlook of your inventory, products, goods, or services. The Blockchain technology will be able to lend help to enterprise resource planning of manufactured products around the world. Not many textile plants are using the Blockchain technology, but they are taking a look at its benefits.

3. Analytics

Analytics is nothing new to technology but has been very useful for manufacturing. The industrial IoT technology has been able to improve the real-time data associated with your productivity and problem areas. Analytics is also being used to control your data input. Reduce your inaccuracies by eliminating human input with manufacturing technology. The internet of things can be tricky, and an expert should be used to run the software for your plant.

Types Of Manufacturers Benefiting From TechnologyFactories

  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Apparel
  • Textile
  • Furniture
  • Plastics

 Technology remains the future for most manufacturing plants and their projected future growth. Many manufacturers will agree, knowledge of modern technology is the key to manufacturing success.

Manufacturing Business News

If you're incorporating technology into your manufacturing business, it gives big companies a chance to plan for a significant expected future growth outlook. Corporate professionals in manufacturing can use technology to build their products and stand out as a global competitor. Technology has been able to create several remarkable advances in the production industry. The Chinese nation leads the manufacturing industry and is responsible for exporting nearly, $165.7 billion in goods, services, and other manufactured goods each year. China is responsible for many foreign made parts, but the US follows close behind China in the manufacturing industry as well as purchasing a lot of their imports.

Technology will also help you identify your strength and weaknesses in manufacturing. You can see what part of the production is doing the best and what areas need improvement. Technology is designing the future, and many manufacturers will have to reassess the way they once did business. The manufacturing of automotive parts has benefited the most from technology and allowed for more affordable auto parts. Technology has also improved the safety of many manufactured automotive parts around the globe.

Manufacturing remains essential to both the business and the consumer. The company wants to make money and produce in-demand products while the customers wish to have quality manufactured products when they need it. Manufacturing is expected to be around for a long time and continue to influence the quality and quantity of manufactured goods shipped throughout the world. Manufacturing can also be significant for small, and they also benefit from the use of technology. Learn more about how technology continues to dominate the manufacturing industry by subscribing to our blog feed. 

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