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Life after SAP FKOM Las Vegas 2019

Did anyone from your office attend the 2019 FKOM in Vegas hosted by SAP? A large group of our team participated in the kick-off conference including presales and the delivery team. Our USA division was honored to participate in this enablement session where they learned about tools and how to continue to leverage the SAP resources.

The Keynote speakers Jen Morgan and Ryan Smith discussed the power behind experiences and Qualtrics. Redefining how experience matters andexperience matters - SAP - Qualtrics the "experience gap." Consumers and businesses now make decisions based on experiences, and that is why "experience matters." SAP is driving the “Experience Economy” because they understand how much experience matters! FKOM Las Vegas offers an incredibly unique opportunity for SAP partners like us to gather with the SAP colleagues and exchange valuable insights that will drive mutual success for both parties. Sessions and learning will focus on crucial SAP solutions to give insights into what is new, strategies, product roadmaps and advice on how to beat the competition. 

Every year during this conference, the HAND team also meets to discuss their achievements from the previous year and new goals for the upcoming year. Ken Chen the CEO said, "The SAP enablement sessions at FKOM gave our team great insights for 2019, we feed off of the excitement and pep to motivate our teams. It is also the perfect time for our teams to discuss goals for the New Year."

HAND Team Meeting at FKOM 2019

HAND Enterprise Solutions, Inc. USA division emerged into the United States market a short three years ago with one goal in mind; to innovate digital supply chain and auto manufacturing ERP. The team has worked hard to build a solid customer base while strengthening the partnership with SAP. We have a global resource pool of 10,000 plus employees with our parent headquarters office in Shanghai, China.  We also have staff located in Tempe, Arizona who meet in the SAP office with sales associates once a week. "Working so closely with SAP gives us a powerful advantage," said the marketing manager, Jessica Feldman. HAND understands the value and importance of building lasting relationships with our customers and SAP.

Poised for success, in 2018 they implemented the HubSpot CRM to assist the small USA team. The tool has allowed the sales staff to focus on converting customers while the marketing manager uses the tools and content to attract new prospects and nurture them through the buyers' journey until they are ready to speak with a presales associate. The year is going to yield amazing results for the HAND USA team. Jacinto Arauz, the senior vice president of sales, said, "FKOM is always a very interesting event for us to learn the new go to market initiatives of sap.  We also learn the new organizational structures and how we can collaborate to continue to be an extension of the SAP go to market strategy."HAND Enterprise - SAP FKOM 2019


HAND will focus on the automotive, wholesale and manufacturing verticals, specializing in shop floor management with SAP and our own MES product. With the resources we have in China, we are quickly becoming an essential ERP implementation and SAP software provider in the United States.

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