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On-Premise VS Cloud Data Security - Trust Us the Cloud is Secure!

Companies are converting to the cloud based on the attractiveness of lower cost and convenience. Little do most know, the cloud indeed offers significant advantages in cybersecurity compared to traditional corporate networks and other hybrid solutions. The cloud is the safest place to store, manage and analyze big data from your ERP and the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. For all companies, data security is a top priority.

  1. What Does The Cloud Do?

 The Cloud ERP network has many benefits which include automated patching, enhanced monitoring, access controls, protection form large-scale attacks and encryption high-quality standards. Using cloud-hosted software reduces the logistical overhead of managing security because the cloud hosting provider executes physical security of all the software and hardware systems. Many businesses are still using outdated on-premise hardware which leaves you vulnerable. Local data centers are experiencing challenges due to increased cybersecurity attacks. All company’s need a secure place to store their data. Why not reduce your attack surface area immediately by moving your data to cloud storage

  1. On-Premise Enterprise Resource Planningbusiness ERP Strategy

 You must work with a company or hire internal staff that can install your ecosystem and security onto servers that you own and maintain. In time, many companies end up running out of space. Costly upgrades and the workforce to improve these systems can be overwhelming.  Now, businesses are opting to move to the cloud improving data storage and relieving storage concerns because the cloud can not only store abundance amounts of data needed to run daily operations efficiently it can also expand with your company’s growt

  1. How Do You Upgrade Your Form On-Premise to the Cloud?

 Your current system can be integrated into the cloud remotely. Data from your on-premise enterprise resource planning is backed up before being migrated into the cloud server. The company will initiate your upgrades at regular times, and they will help you understand the nature of each update. You could have the upgrades done in the middle of the night when your business is not running. Migration to the cloud is not something that happens overnight, extremely complex and customized business processes, which in many instances cannot be mapped to cloud ERP in software as a service (SaaS) mode. This means that their migration to the cloud starts with running their former on-premise systems in hosted environments

  1. How Much Should You Pay?

 A cloud storage solution is much cheaper because it does not require the hardware and on-premise maintenance crew. We partner with cloud providers like Telefonica who have penetrated the marketing with quality cloud services at very competitive rates. You only save money on the programming and setup.

  1. Why Do You Need An Ever-Expanding Cloud?

 Storage is one of the key factors of cloud infrastructure besides compute and network. You need a cloud that can be expanded over and over. These cloud solutions were designed for scalability. The cloud grows every time your business grows.  We can show you how to tailor your systems to make your business more profitable and cost-effective. We have over 20 years of experience in enterprise resource planning and implementation. We have evolved with a lot of the technologies on the market, and we are prepared to help midsize companies grow into the cloud.

  1. System Settings On Computers Across The Office

Integration and user rights will play a significant role in your ERP system regardless of data storage. With cloud storage and real-time data, you can make quick business decisions in minutes versus days or weeks, with the cloud, you can deploy dashboards and access your data across several countries or states.

  1. Conclusion

Some business owners do not understand the cloud technology. It merely means that we have large server warehouses that where we store your data, maintain the server's firmware and update system settings.  The cloud is secure!

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