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The Rise of the Smart Factory: Inside 6 Smart Manufacturing Plants

The manufacturing industry is facing new challenges as products and machines become increasingly interconnected. As technology continues to...

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Life after SAP FKOM Las Vegas 2019

Did anyone from your office attend the 2019 FKOM in Vegas hosted by SAP? A large group of our team participated in the kick-off conference...

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SAP S/4HANA Cloud - Get ready for the digital age 2019

Digital changes the world and offers new opportunities – and requirements - for businesses in all industries. To run ahead, you need to be able to...

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5 Tips for Seamless Business Software Project Planning & Implementation

Purchasing and implementing business software is never an easy undertaking. Since we do not use third party contractors our team can make this...

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On-Premise VS Cloud Data Security - Trust Us the Cloud is Secure!

Companies are converting to the cloud based on the attractiveness of lower cost and convenience. Little do most know, the cloud indeed offers...

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3 Insights on the Different Phases of ERP Implementation

There are many processes which are essential for the optimal running of a business. Enterprise Resource Management tries to simplify all these...

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SAP HANA - 9 Questions to Ask When Choosing an In-Memory Database

The digital economy is all about speed and agility. Organizations of every size need the ability to sense, respond, learn, adapt, and predict in...

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