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The Top Benefits of ERP & HAND Implementation

Enterprise resource planning is the process by which a company manages and integrates the vital aspects of its business. 

An ERP management system coordinates many areas such as: 

  • Purchasing
  • Planning
  • Inventory
  • Human resources
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Marketing.

The system allows each department in the company to share information and communicate with all the other departments. 

New ERP systems allow for cloud integration which allows multiple programs and users to enter and share data on the cloud. 

Implementing an ERP system can: 

  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase productivity and make a business more competitive.

At HAND Solutions we provide solutions in manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, and wholesale distribution. Our products include Microsoft dynamic 365, Oracle integrated cloud and SAP software solutions. 

Our packaged software implementation is based on SAP’s new activate methodology. We offer application integration, unit customization and testing support for the smooth assimilation of ERP solutions. 

We also provide enhancement and upgrades of current SAP ERP software systems and maintenance support. These ERP systems offer advanced features such as cloud integrated management. 

The enterprise resource planning systems that we provide have many benefits which include;

  • Efficiency

Our ERP solutions help to streamline processes and reduces the number of repetitive procedures. They also eliminate the need to enter information manually hence increasing productivity. 

  • Predictions

Our ERP software solutions provide the users, especially managers with tools that help to make more precise forecasts. Since the information ERP holds is consistent and accurate, it can be used to make better estimates and predictions. 

  • Mobile

This is an advantage of our cloud integrated management system that allows access to users from wherever they work be it from the office, home or even hand-held mobile devices. 

  • Secure

Data security is not a problem with ERP software in place. Our ERP solutions come with built-in resources and firewalls that ensure the consistency and safety of data. Automatically scheduled backups prevent loss of data. 

  • Flexible

Our ERP solutions are flexible and configurable. They can be modified to suit the uniqueness of your business and reconfigured to new specifications. Hence, you don’t have to buy new software when your business grows. 

  • Cost savings

Our ERP software allow users to make solutions more quickly thereby avoiding disruptions and delays. It will enable manufacturers to manage processes more proactively and hence reduces operation costs. 

  • Traceability

Our ERP solutions allow for greater traceability of products from the moment they enter as raw materials to when they are finished. 

  • Scalability

Our ERP solutions are structured so that they allow the addition of new users and functions to the ones initially implemented. Hence, when your business is growing and needs more resources, the ERP software can facilitate the growth. 

  • Reporting

Our ERP solutions provide features that make reporting easier. Hence the business should be able to respond to complex data requests quite comfortably. 

  • Teamwork

Running a business or organization without collaboration between departments is not easy. Hence coordination between departments is vital for an organization to run smoothly. 

Data entered into ERP software is centralized and therefore consistent. Users from any department can access data from any other department interdepartmental collaboration is fostered. 

  • The productivity of workers

Our ERP software solutions save time. This enables the users time to focus on other pressing and crucial projects hence boosting their productivity. Increased productivity of workers makes a business more competitive. 

  • Information integration

Unlike without ERP systems where data is spread amongst many databases, with our ERP software solutions data is housed at a single place or even held on the cloud. This makes data more orderly and easy to locate. 

  • Improved customer relations

The centralization of data in our software solutions makes it easier to respond to customer questions or even requests. Traceability also makes it possible to sort out any issues arising from internal company procedures hence more customer satisfaction. 

  • Improved maintenance

Our SAP ERP package comes with the added advantage of maintenance support provision over time so that the systems remain astride with advances in management and technology. 

  • Long-term savings- ERP is a long-term investment that will yield results in time. Hence because of these return, more profits will be realized over the long haul.

Our ERP systems maximize productivity since the software implementation process follows company culture. For example, a company may have different hours which could render an ERP system useless if not observed. 

Integrating enterprise resource management systems with your business has many benefits ranging from improved efficiency to data security. 

We at Hand solutions have partnered with SAP and Oracle to give you ERP solutions that provide features such as cloud integrated management. 

For more information on how to integrate ERP into your business with the expert team at HAND Enterprise Solutions, contact us today.

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